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Payroll management is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of opportunity for mistakes and no room for error. Many HR & finance teams struggle with:

  • Inconsistent and constantly changing tax and compliance rules across states
  • Last minute changes or late approvals that can delay processing
  • Lack of insights and visibility into their payroll & time data
  • Manual processes or outdated payroll technology
Join Sox and access

the most affordable payroll solution for small businesses

Make payroll a snap with Sox Guided Payroll, which includes built-in HR support. You’ll enjoy:

  • 2-Day Direct Deposit
  • Automatic Handling Of Federal, State, And Local Taxes
  • Registration of your company in all New state which will be added for payroll every time in lower price
  • Guidance From Your HR Manager On Wage And Hour Regulations
  • Support Multiple Pay Rates For Employees With More Than One Role
  • State Withholding, unemployment account number registration for all state
  • Free handling for all registration and renewal process

Sox’s optional Sox Guided Payroll gives you the best of both worlds. Easy, HR compliant payroll and support from your dedicated HR Manager.

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Hassle Free Payroll, Tax and state Compliance

Payroll management is the financial heartbeat of a business, ensuring employees get paid accurately and on-time while dealing with complicated tax rules.

As your company grows, payroll services become more valuable for your organization’s success. Delegating payroll processing can save you time and reduce errors by making salary calculations quicker, taking into account bonuses, expenses, holiday pays, and other situational things.

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-efficient payroll service provider, your search stops here!

Join Sox”- Small Business Solution

Join Sox”- Small Business Solution

You’ll be supported by highly trained and educated professionals providing the following services: 24/7 support, garnishment services, payroll reports, direct deposit, new hire reporting, employee portal, quarterly tax filing, and deposits. In addition, they’ll free you from the paperwork, delivering comprehensive reports through email and granting secure online access to your tax forms, all within a safe and secure environment.

Key features: